Integrated Marketing Winnipeg | Daily Update — November 22nd, 2021

What is Multicultural Marketing?

When attempting to reach out to a diverse audience, it is the goal of a business is to come across as being knowledgeable and having empathy. Full Story: TechFunnel

How to use gratitude marketing to make easy sales

Here are three Gratitude Marketing Strategies to get you thinking. Gratitude Marketing Strategy One. Handwritten thank you cards. Full Story:

Is influencer marketing worth it?

Engaging with influencers and digital creators is still a new form of marketing. Full Story: Marketing Mag

5 Top Digital Marketing Strategies That Drive Conversions

Conversion Marketing. This strategy uses multiple tactics to encourage window shoppers on your website to make purchase decisions with your company. Full Story:

Prioritizing Demographics Over Reach

What is more important to you: that as many people as possible see your marketing efforts, or that the right people see your marketing efforts? Full Story: Forbes

How to attract customers using digital marketing

Since the pandemic has rendered everything online, we all have adapted our jobs and schools to our devices. Full Story:

How To Make Marketing More Magical And Powerful

We, humans, are complex, messy and varied. Full Story: Forbes

Marketing 101: marketing basics for small business owners

Understanding why you need to market your website and business; Figuring out the main marketing channels and if they’re right for you; Full Story: TechRadar

13 Social Media Trends For Brand Builders To Consider In 2022

A lot goes into building a brand beyond choosing a logo and colors that represent the business. Full Story: Forbes

4 Tips for Reaching New Customers with Your Instagram Shop

Looking for ways to maximize your eCommerce performance this holiday season? Full Story: Social Media Today

Social Media Marketing Trends To Watch In 2022

Marketers aren’t clairvoyant but they can keep a finger on the pulse of trends. Full Story: Alist Daily

Social Media Marketing Tips Every Business Should Be Using

Social media marketing is an integral part of any business, but it can be difficult to keep up with the changes and ever-evolving trends. Full Story: Forbes

5 Steps to Map SEO Keywords for Content Optimization

The search engine optimization (SEO) process doesn’t end with keyword research. Full Story: JumpFly

Why and How to Use Python for SEO?

As an SEO specialist, you have to analyze website KPIs, identify weak and strong points of your business, and develop SEO strategies. Full Story: TechnoChops

Is Using Google Analytics A Search Ranking Factor?

Does Google Search look more favourably upon your site if you’re using Google Analytics? See what the experts say. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

How PPC can help you get big results, fast!

How is PPC different from SEO? Search engine optimisation is all about creating a website that search engine algorithms like the look of. Full Story: Lancashire Business View

Google Play Store website will look more like the mobile app

Unlike the iOS App Store, Google’s Play Store has always been “web-friendly,” allowing people to search what Google has to offer and even install Android apps… Full Story: SlashGear

WhatsApp desktop may get more privacy features of mobile app

WhatsApp for desktop is likely to get some privacy features that were so far exclusive to the mobile app. Full Story: Moneycontrol

How to check if that mobile app is spying on you

Stalkerware apps have been on the prowl since the covid-19 pandemic struck. How can users stay safe from this malware? Full Story: Mint Lounge

How to Fix ‘Skype Mobile App Not Working’ Issue on Android

This tutorial is about the How to Fix ‘Skype Mobile App Not Working’ Issue on Android. Full Story: BollyInside

Research reveals what will reap benefits from decline of third-party cookies

Digital signage company Wow Media has added Randy’s Donuts to Wow’s 22 outdoor full-motion billboards in the city of Inglewood, a growing sports and… Full Story: Digital Signage Today

There’s a Huge Opportunity to Sell Restaurant Digital Signage Content Management

Digital signage offers an efficient and effective way to share product information, instructions, opportunities and content that helps engage customers and enhance their experience. Full Story: XaaS Journal

7 Cold Email Mistakes to Avoid

While it might seem simple enough, cold emailing is an important form of marketing that you can easily get wrong. Full Story: Business 2 Community

10 reasons why email is more important than ever

Discover how your brand can use email signatures to increase brand awareness, drive traffic and generate leads. Full Story: Search Engine Land

How to Use Affiliate Marketing to Level Up Your Ecommerce Strategy

Leverage affiliate marketing as an ecommerce merchant, vendor or advertiser looking to increase your conversions and sales. Full Story: Entrepreneur

What E-Commerce Leaders Should Know About Growth Marketing

‘Growth marketing’ isn’t just a fancy term, it’s a proven marketing method that your business can use to ramp up sales. Full Story: Forbes

Marketing Versus PR: What Do You Need?

For the uninitiated, marketing and PR are interchangeable. Some PR firms sell marketing services and vice versa. Full Story: Forbes

The Future Of PR In 2022: Four Steps For Crafting An Effective Strategy

It’s almost 2022 already? Where did the time go? Full Story: Forbes

Why Businesses Can’t Afford To Skip Market Research

When launching a new campaign, product or new line of service, many businesses — both large and small — choose to forgo an important step: market research. Full Story: Forbes

5 quick tips for new business websites

This is branded content for White Peak. Full Story: Gloucester Advocate

7 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Web Development Company

These platforms offer basic shopping functions with the option for extensions and scaling if you need it. Full Story: Gloucester Advocate

AI: Find the Right Use for Artificial Intelligence

The auto was little more than a toy before companies like Ford created new manufacturing and marketing models. Full Story: RTInsights

Why Emotionally Intelligent People Embrace Artificial Intelligence

As an engineer by trade who went on to launch an A.I.-based, e-commerce focused, advertising platform, many assume that I haven’t had to strongly rely on the emotional intelligence of other people. Full Story: Inc. Magazine

Why Is Data Science the Future for Businesses?

The number of connected devices per household is expected to rise to 50 in 2021. This will transform how we manage and interact with our homes and businesses. Full Story:

Three Strategies For Improving Your Marketing Analytics

Data has become both a blessing and a curse for marketers. Full Story: Forbes

Why Brand Credibility Is Essential In Creating An Identity

Your brand identity speaks to who you are as a business. Full Story: Forbes

10 Reasons Why Launching A Podcast Series In Business Improves Brand Marketing Appeal

Podcasts target niche audiences that your business aligns with, and listeners tend to be more engaged. Full Story: Forbes

‘Hey, Disney’ voice assistant comes to Disneyland in 2022

You won’t have to book a trip to Florida to try Disney’s Amazon-based voice assistant. Disney has revealed that “hey, Disney” is coming to Disneyland hotel rooms sometime in 2022. Full Story: Engadget

Microsoft Cortana can no longer work with Amazon Alexa

Amazon and Microsoft’s digital assistants have ceased to collaborate. Cortana and Alexa’s collaboration stopped in September 2021, yet nobody seemed to notice, as PCMag reported. Full Story: GeeksULTD

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