Integrated Marketing Winnipeg | Daily Update — December 30, 2021

5 Tips For Implementing A Multichannel Marketing Strategy

Multichannel marketing is an approach that requires the use of many different marketing channels to get your message out. Full Story: Forbes

Why marketing personalization has yet to pay off

Forrester analyst discusses why personalization investments aren’t paying off, what marketers can expect in 2022 in technology — and in the job market. Full Story: SearchCustomerExperience

4 Steps For Building Trust In Your Carbon Program Marketing

While some point to agriculture as a major greenhouse gas contributor, others have championed farmers as environmental saviors. Full Story: Forbes

Marketing in a Cookie-less world

How can advertisers, brands and agencies navigate in a cookie-less world. Full Story: Business Insider

5 Marketing Tips For 2022

Marketing is constantly evolving. Ten years ago, you would have been called “crazy” if you predicted that most events would take place online or that billions of dollars of virtual property would be sold in the metaverse. Full Story:

Three Foundational Components For B2B Marketing In 2022

Business-to-business (B2B) marketers don’t need a crystal ball to tell them what they need in order to succeed in 2022. The signs are right in front of us. Full Story: Forbes

The Fast Growing Fractional CMO Model

Marketing and media management is increasingly complicated where achieving stand out marketing results requires specialists. Full Story: Forbes

Top 10 Actionable Marketing Ideas for Small Business

Small business operates on small budgets. That does not mean they should ignore the need for marketing. They just need to know how. Full Story: Market Research Telecast

These Were The Worst Trends In Social Media In 2021 — And Don’t Expect Improvement In 2022

While President Joe Biden campaigned on unity, and suggested we needed to end our “uncivil war,” the fact remains that nearly a year into his first term; Full Story: Forbes

Content Marketing Idea: Create a Year-End Email and Social Media Post

I have an idea for you to engage with your clients and prospects this time of year — send them a year-in-review email. Full Story: National Law Review

How Often Are Social Media Accounts Hacked?

How frequently do social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram get hacked? And how can you stop yourself being a target? Full Story: MakeUseOf

What Impact Does Social Media Sponsored Content Have on Consumers?

Influencers and creators have quite quickly ended up becoming a pretty crucial component of the digital marketing ecosystem, and many marketing agencies… Full Story: Digital Information World

Google On How To Improve SEO Audits

Here’s how you can improve the usefulness of SEO audits, based on advice from Google’s Martin Splitt. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

How HTML Headings Help SEO

HTML headings are phrases or short sentences introducing a new section of content. Full Story: Practical Ecommerce

Google: No Difference In SEO Value Between Nofollow, UGC Or Sponsored Link Attributes

Google’s John Mueller confirmed what it has I believe said before, that there is not difference in terms of SEO value between the three link attributes. Full Story: Search Engine Roundtable

Here’s How Meta Is Changing Facebook Ads Targeting For 2022

January 19 — save the date! Meta has announced that audience targeting changes are coming to Facebook ad campaigns.

Mobile marketing: 5 of the top trends from 2021

As part of our Best of 2021 series, The Drum’s journalists have been looking back at some of the biggest stories of the year. Full Story: The Drum

This Mobile App Makes Moving Switch Screengrabs To Your Phone Slightly Easier

Being in the writing-about-video-games business, we spend quite a bit of time transferring screenshots from our devices to our phones or PCs — perhaps more than most. Full Story: Nintendo Life

Privacy Policies for Websites and Mobile Applications

In addition to ensuring that your online data collection activities comply with relevant laws, a well-written privacy policy can form a key feature of your online business strategy. Full Story: Lexology

Mobile App as a Marketing Channel

Today, mobile is everything! Because everyone is hooked to their phones, mobile marketing is an easier, better way to communicate with customers and promote your products. Full Story: Business 2 Community

Digital Signage Today’s most-read stories of 2021

From advances in kiosk technology and digital menu boards, continued popularity in augmented and virtual reality to artificial intelligence coming to one of the world’s largest quick service restaurant brands, Full Story: Digital Signage Today

Educational Digital Signage Is the Key to School Transformation

Digital signage is transforming education in many ways. Full Story: The Southern Maryland Chronicle

5 Ways to Better Reach Your Target Audience

Of course, a strategy is essential. You should view email marketing as a way to build relationships rather than solely to drive sales. Full Story: CEOWORLD magazine

Top Email Marketing Trends for 2022

To the outsiders, it can sometimes feel like email hasn’t changed that much since it was created. Full Story: Business 2 Community

Holiday Ecommerce Marketing Guide for 2021

Holiday season is an invitation for shoppers to avail extra discounts on the products. Full Story: MarTech Cube

Remote learning, work seen to fuel online payments growth next year

DIGITAL PAYMENTS will continue to gain traction in 2022 amid blended learning and remote work, according to an analyst. Full Story: BusinessWorld Online

Facebook’s metaverse is its best PR campaign ever

Frances Haugen had a robust public relations strategy-and it worked. Full Story: Quartz

The 6 Weirdest Advertising Campaigns and PR Stunts of 2021

From NFT combo meals to fake press releases, the year offered a healthy mix of clever and confusing. Full Story: Inc. Magazine

Why marketers don’t need a big budget to produce effective market research

With investment on a downwards trend, many brands are dealing with falling market research budgets. Full Story: Marketing Week

Market research industry to touch $4.2 bn by FY26, says report

According to the report, the availability of talent, coupled with proven expertise in data handling, technology, infrastructure and cost competitiveness will lead to an orbital shift in the industry. Full Story: Business Standard

6 No-Code AI Platforms That Are Accessible to SMBs

No-code AI offers many advantages for SMBs. Above all, it makes the technology accessible, more affordable, and less intimidating. Full Story: Techopedia

How is Web Development Different from Software Development?

In the computer programming world, several aspects didn’t get much time to develop consistent meaning for themselves. Full Story: CustomerThink

How Real Estate Companies Can Boost ROI With Marketing Automation

Marketing is the key to success when talking about real estate or any other form of business, and when you automate some of the work involved in running your campaigns, you can boost your ROI. Full Story: Forbes

The Complete Guide to AI for Businesses and How It’s Making a Difference

Here are some ways AI can enhance your company. Full Story: Entrepreneur

Top six big data analytics trends to expect in 2022

Companies are increasingly taking up data analytics to lower costs, enhance customer experience and optimise processes. Full Story: Moneycontrol

7 trends that will reshape data analytics in 2022

Since the outbreak in 2020, organisations, be it small-scale or in the big leagues, are increasingly leveraging data & analytics to reduce costs, improve customer experience, optimise existing processes, and achieve more targeted marketing. Full Story: Express Computer

What is a Brand Image and How Do You Measure it?

Brand image is a lot of things, depending on who you ask. It’s the primary identification of a company — true. Full Story: ReadWrite

How to Use Stickers and Labels for Your Business

Whether you’re doing online fairs or shop promotions, product presentations speak volumes about your brand or business. Full Story: South Florida Caribbean News

Why Amazon Should Drop the “Alexa” Name

I am a technologist and I make my living building what are called “voicebots”: digital assistants that you can interact with by just speaking to them. Full Story: Business 2 Community is Shutting Down, But You Can Find Great Alternatives

Products and technologies come and go. And with Amazon winding down their data analytics site, an era is coming to an end. Full Story: iTech Post

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